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Application Form for professionals only

Members' Requirements

  • The Alliance member (company or self-entrepreneur) must have given proofs of professional behavior in developing and performing best practices of work towards marriage with the absence of unsolved public significant complaints related to lack or disrespect of those same practices. 
  • The Alliance member (company or self-entrepreneur) conduct of work must be following raising and consolidating national and international reputable recognition of the Ukrainian matchmakers as trustworthy services
  • The Alliance can accept as a member, (company or self-entrepreneur) if a matchmaker or a dating agency operator, who gathers in the company a dedicated matchmaking service department performed by dedicated person(s) for that purpose only.
  • The Alliance member (company or self-entrepreneur) must make prove of high selection practice and criteria on acquiring female clientele within honest marriage and family-oriented based vocation through personal interviews,  documental certification of their marital and criminal status, if considered necessary.
  • The Alliance member (company or self-entrepreneur) must provide to the female clientele, individual or group formation courses upon male client psychologic and sociologic characteristics, cultural differences of behavior and best technics to facilitate the communication within both interested parts.
  • The Alliance member (company or self-entrepreneur) must publicly offer a tailored matchmaking service package for men clientele including, consultation services related to all dating process requirements, in-country personal support and coaching guidance to the dating process.
  • The Alliance member (company or self-entrepreneur) must show to attend professional formation courses enabling the matchmaking services responsible person(s) to learn how to provide the best possible support to their represented female and male clientele.
  •  Accept to attend formation conferences offered by the Alliance and dedicated to best market procedures and self-improvement lectured by professionals hired by the Alliance for this purpose.