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I need a man, who can value my opinion and who can be honest with me...If he would treat me well, I promise to present him my sincere smile and love in return! Breakfast in bed, dinner after a long day at work, a surprise lunch at the office...what do you prefer? Can these simply things make you feel loved? I want to do whatever makes sense for me and my future partner!

How I describe myself

I am just simple kind lady. I have calm and tender character. So, it’s one of the main good parts of me. I know what I want from this life. I have several hobbies and each of them is equally important to me. First of all, I cannot imagine my life without learning foreign languages. Reading is my third favorite pastime. It’s a good idea to read before bedtime to focus on something different from work and get ready to sweet dreams! So, I’m just a woman who wants to feel love. Above all in the world I want to find a person who dreams of a happy family. A person who will look in one side with me. A person who will not leave me in times when everything is overkill. I want to love, support, care, be a friend and I want him to treat me the same way. There is no ideal, I am dreaming to love and be loved.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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