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Can you really be caring towards your woman? I am asking, because I need a caring and gentle man who can take good care of me!)) I want to laugh with him, to discuss everything… In short I would like to meet someone with a sense of humor and smart.. ) I like when a man has goals and plans in life.. for me it is a sign of active life position and many exciting moments together!) I am full of desire to have such man in my life! I hope he is sincere person who wants to have a family together)

How I describe myself

I am a kind of woman one will never get bored with!) Why? Well, the secret is very simple: I am very communicative, easy-going and cheerful person with an endless charm..) and when you know me better you will feel my kindness as well and a desire to create comfort for everyone, surrounding me and want to stay close) I do love being funny and responsive, so, dare to get to know me!)

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True love means to me

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Hi to you!:) What do you think.. what is my favorite hobby? Ok, I will not hesitate to confess that I adore playing billiards! That is so fascinating for me to win a game! And I get the same positive feeling while playing tennis) jogging and going to the gym is a great way to keep my body in a good shape and dancing helps to lift my mood so up!) the same goes for traveling! I love it!!


gym, tennis, basketball, dancing, jogging

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