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Perfect man description

I'd like to build a relationship with a decent, good-natured man who has goals, desires, and interests in life. I want to help a man open up in a relationship, show love to the maximum, give free rein to feelings so that everyone in a couple feels comfortable and happy. Being a couple means trusting each other and giving freedom to your partner.

How I describe myself

Looking at me, you can confidently say that I'm a lady who loves life and uses every opportunity. I like to work because I help people to emphasize their individuality. I like traveling because I can get to know the world, try new dishes, learn languages that were previously inaccessible to me, discover new boundaries, and get to know myself in this new experience for me. After talking to me, you'll understand what I'm by nature, but the first impression is always the most important.

Value in a man

Purposefulness, good manners and generosity set men apart from the crowd and attract my attention.

Relationship with parents

I love meeting my parents for a delicious dinner and pleasant conversation.

True love means to me

Love is different, and each is pleasant in its own way. But we all unconsciously seek love for the opposite gender, because in this love more is born, in this love life continues on earth.

Infidelity how I describe

I think that people, who have already had bad experiences in relationships, who know what they want in marriage, will not do stupid things, but will value the feelings and the created connection.

Goals in life

Creating a family, raising children are the main goals of me as a woman who wants to realize herself as a wife and as a mother.

How I describe satisfaction in life

Do what you like and you will get satisfaction in life. This is my motto. I love my job and try to do what makes me feel positive, because a happy woman inspires and charges everyone around her with joy, and most importantly her beloved man.

How I describe moral principles

Taking care of the family, partner, respect for personal interests and male opinion will make the relationship even stronger and more harmonious.

How I describe the importance of friends

I enjoy spending time with friends, many of my clients become my friends.

How I describe what trust to me is

What is trust? This is, of course, confidence in the partner's honesty as in your own.


painting, photography, travel, investment exploration


bike, running

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