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Perfect man description

He's smart, with the right sense of humor. Experienced, interesting and intelligent. He is handsome in moderation, preferably a brunette with masculine qualities and athletic. Well endowed and not stingy. He loves art and appreciates quality. Moderately pedantic, well-groomed and neat. Able to set goals and achieve them, able to solve problems and take responsibility. He loves to travel, good food and is head over heels in love with me.

How I describe myself

Interesting, bright personality, with a sense of humor, smart and I can't hide it, which sometimes, unfortunately, push away some people. I'm determined and sociable, I can keep up the conversation, I love food if high and I cook very well. My own space is important to me. I love aesthetics, art, travel. Romantic, quick-tempered but not scandalous. Caring and sensitive, sometimes too much. I love beauty and appreciate comfort. I feel comfortable and happy being in warmth, close to water - it's my place of power, the element of force from which I receive inspiration, I won't be able to adapt to a cold, windy, rainy place on this planet as I'm really very heat-loving and sun-dependent.

Value in a man

Intelligence, sense of humor, determination, generosity, respect, patience, self-improvement, adaptability, problem-solving skills

Relationship with parents


True love means to me

It's a long way... From an emotional outburst and pheromones that match you, to passion and desire. From flash to cooling, from knowledge to acceptance and to understanding that this person is being your little world, without which you are not able to live.

Infidelity how I describe

It's a flaw of the couple

Goals in life

I want a family, a son and a dog. House near the sea, loving and caring husband. A healthy and happy daughter, a job I love, time for myself, inner peace and confidence in the future and in my partner. My biggest hobby is cooking. I worked as a chef and sous chef. I dream to open my own restaurant - there in my mind, I've got all the ideas about its interior, style, menu, author's dishes etc.

How I describe satisfaction in life


How I describe moral principles

Very important. This is the basis of relationships. If they match, it's the right choice.

How I describe the importance of friends

Communication is important. Friends are a delicate matter.

How I describe what trust to me is



Astrology, cooking, eating out, family time, fashion, gardening, painting, psychology, SPA massage, writing, dancing, horse riding, traveling, water sports, winter sports.


Horse riding, water sports, winter sports.

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