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Perfect man description

My ideal is a free, charismatic, self-confident man. Smart and of any appearance, most importantly, with a sense of humor and a desire to develop. And also with the desire to create and protect a family. He does simple, romantic, sometimes "silly" but cute things. He is embarrassed, upset, or, on the contrary, very happy about something connected with me. I am ready to try everything new if he wants to.

How I describe myself

Intelligence, sense of humor, ease of communication, friendliness, sexuality in a relationship with a man, a desire to develop and be happy. It's simple) I will always and everywhere find something to do! At this stage of my life, I want to deal with my family, but, over time, I will certainly want to return to work and further development and moving forward. I’m not scandalous, I don’t raise my voice, I’m not jealous. I cook deliciously. Self-sufficient. I know how to go out with a man so that he will be proud.

Value in a man

Tenderness, courageous, smart, charismatic

Relationship with parents

My parents loved me very much, most likely due to the fact that I was a child born of great love, and somehow in a special way distinguished me from their other children.

True love means to me

Mutual understanding, mutual involvement and comfort next to each other

Infidelity how I describe

Long-term relationship on the side.

Goals in life

Meet a free man, fall in love and start a family

How I describe satisfaction in life

Have a healthy, happy family, an abundant home, love and be loved

How I describe moral principles


How I describe the importance of friends


How I describe what trust to me is

I am trusting and well developed intuition. Often after a while, I understand that trust is not justified.


I love being on the beach at different times of the year, traveling, exploring new cities, doing kite surfing, diving, snowboarding in winter. Walk around the city, read or watch historical films, listen to music.


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