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Perfect man description

I will lose my head from a gallant, confident male leader with family values. I will grant you my tenderness and inspiration.

How I describe myself

Positive, kind, active, caring

Value in a man

Leadership and confidence, care and tenderness, responsibility, substantiality. Purposefulness, activity, leadership

Relationship with parents

Respectful and harmonious.

True love means to me

Common values, attraction, happy emotions, joy of life, trust, understanding. Deep care of each other.

Infidelity how I describe

Not beeing with person soul and body

Goals in life

Creating a happy family, bringing up healthy and decent children, self-realization

How I describe satisfaction in life

Caring for loved ones, creating comfort in the house, cooking dinners of different cuisines of the world, singing acapella, growing peonies. Cross fit fills me with dopamine and serotonin, riding a horse. Studying the masterpieces of world art in museums around the world.

How I describe moral principles

Love and harmony in the family, bringing up and development of children, self-realization

How I describe the importance of friends

I don't have much time for friends. There are 2 girlfriends who live in different countries

How I describe what trust to me is

Be open, listen and hear


Playing music, psychology, reading


Fitness helps me to be graceful. I do 3 CrossFit times a week

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