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Perfect man description

Loving, caring, understanding, nice and kind man.

How I describe myself

I am active, kind, positive. I am a good friend and I value friendship very much. I prefer to solve conflicts in a nice calm manner if they happen but I also can stand up for myself :) I can be calm and tender but I can also be active and inspirational.

Value in a man

I value harmony and trust in relations. It is very important for me that we support each other in joy and sorrow, take care of each other, take part in each other's life, take and give in relationships. I like that we develop together, create plans for the future together. I want to feel comfortable with my man.

Relationship with parents

Friendly and trusting

True love means to me

It`s a chemistry that makes two people feel very comfortable together, take interest in life and activity of another, support and take an active role in it. To give and receive in the relations.

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

To realize me happily like woman, wife, mother.

How I describe satisfaction in life

To do what brings you satisfaction and inspire, to have a full and happy family with the beloved and loving man. To travel and dance), having good friends, develop yourself and enjoy everyday life.

How I describe moral principles

How I describe the importance of friends

Great importance. I love and value my friends, they appeared and we lived together the exact periods of my life.

How I describe what trust to me is

When you can share the most secret things, not afraid to show your strengths and limitations, feel relaxed together


I go to the theater and cinema. I attend different events: designer's events, lectures, exhibitions. I like reading books. I like to spend time with my son and meeting with friends. I am fond of self-development.


I am fond of fitness. I like yoga, stretching, step aerobics. I go to the swimming pool and sauna. I enjoy dancing and go to the dancing school.

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