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Perfect man description

Since we are here aimed at creating a family, we would like relationships and family to be among the values of a person. I like people with a calm, balanced character. A healthy lifestyle is welcome, as well as alike hobbies. A frequenter of bars, noisy parties will not suit me. i am eager to share any healthy, positive hobbies of a partner or, in extreme cases, not to interfere).

How I describe myself

Very open, feminine, warm and sunny. Calm, balanced. I don't like quarrels or scream. And I want to be treated the same way. I discuss any issue, maintaining respect for the person. An optimist in life.

Value in a man

Mutual help! This is the first sign of civilization. That which makes a man a man. The ability and desire to take care of someone other than yourself, to sympathize, empathize. Self respect! A person is able to respect another when he has learned to respect himself.Sure only such way it works. Self-respect - is not a claim made on other people; that is first a requirement for yourself. A bold marker of this quality is the attitude of a person to his word. Nothing paints a person like a deliberate, conscious attitude to his words. I also really appreciate when a person actually fulfills the principles that he declares.

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

A very deep spiritual connection. Strong interest in the person. Spiritual comfort and satisfaction. A strong feeling, sharply different from all other positive emotions. When you realize that no one can replace this person for you. Love is hard to describe in words. Difficult to understand. But when it happens, you definitely understand it.

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

Meet my soulmate! Learn English, adjust the sports mode.

How I describe satisfaction in life

I don't talk about happiness from the perspective as give me this and I'll be happy. Happiness is a deep inner state. It depends very little on external circumstances, no matter how strange it may sound. But it is so. I'm happy. But this does not mean that I do not have aspirations in life, goals or desires. This does not mean that I do not have difficulties or can not be sad. Life is varied, infinitely varied. It is never ALL good or ALL bad. There is joy, and sadness, difficulties, and a lot of happy moments. And happiness is being alive (in the philosophical sense of the word) and being aware of it! Walk your own path, realizing yourself and God along the way.

How I describe moral principles

How I describe the importance of friends

Friendship for me is a certain degree of spiritual intimacy, as well as interest in a person and trust, of course. I have few friends, but they are important and close to me. However, they do not play any decisive role in my life. I do not shift the responsibility to friends in any area of life. But I admit that my friends helped me a lot in life, for which, of course, I am grateful to them.

How I describe what trust to me is

Confidence that a person can be relied upon, that he keeps his word.


I like clear, blue, peaceful sky. A cup of hot tea. Fresh flower in a vase. Laughing child nearby. A heartfelt conversation with a nice person. Many things ... a thousand little things and more important things ...


Gym, yoga, running. But irregularly.

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