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I am attracted by smart, wise and courageous man. My man will definitely be just like that, and I will admire, appreciate, respect, believe in his future achievements and always support him in everything. I want him and me to become those very happy old couple who smile sweetly at each other and hold on to the hands. I believe that I will be very beautiful even in old age;)

How I describe myself

I'm a fan of justice and fairness. I believe that you need to treat others the way you want them to treat you. I can't stand violence. I dream of being able to help people in need as much as possible. My main value is my family. I want to give my future man happiness and beauty, new and pleasant sensations of life in all its manifestations. Friends say that I am always in a good mood. This is true, a happy person is always positive and easy-going. My colleagues think I’m smart, I’m pleased to hear that, but it’s difficult to judge myself. I can only say that I studied very hard and loved logic at school and always ranked first in this subject. By the way, it is important that the man understands my jokes or at least plays skillfully that he finds it funny ... because my jokes are always successful)))

Value in a man

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True love means to me

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I love an active lifestyle. I love spending time with my son, this is my chance to be a child again. We walk in the park, play games, go to the cinema. I also enjoy going to exhibitions, excursions and parties with my friends. I go in for sports. I love traveling, visiting new places, learning the way of life of other cultures. After each new trip, I start planning the next one.


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