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Perfect man description

Smart men are wonderful! I am looking for a man who shares my life values, is generous, and open. Also, I want my partner to teach me something new, surprise me, and share joy of life with me.

How I describe myself

I am family oriented. I am tender, communicative, open, creative, loving, faithful, and ambitious towards my job. I am intended to create a real partnership with the man I love so we can complement each other. I believe that lovers must not only love but also support each other. In such a way, men can be men and women can be women in relationships. Most of all, I treasure family values, financial stability, health, spirituality, positive emotions, and people who are in my life.

Value in a man

Open-mindedness, generosity, intelligence, broad interests, and broad-based knowledge, loyalty, an ability to teach me something new, to surprise me, and make me happy

Relationship with parents

Close and friendly

True love means to me

mutual understading, mutual goals, support, care,

Infidelity how I describe

If my man gives his time and other resources to another woman (not from our family) when I need him also

Goals in life

Create a family with the man I will fall in love with

How I describe satisfaction in life

Being a wife and a mother, traveling to new places, expanding my personal knowledge about life

How I describe moral principles

I am grateful to my parents who laught me them

How I describe the importance of friends

My sister is my best friend

How I describe what trust to me is

very important!


I like taking different educational courses. For my job, I usually watch videos from which I can learn new things. I am very active too as I enjoy swimming, yoga, and going to the gym. My free time I share with my friends.


gym, swimming, yoga

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