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Perfect man description

I believe that my keenness and deep longing for a loving relationship will give me the enthusiasm and perseverance to find the special someone I need to make my life complete.

How I describe myself

I am reliable and steadfast person. I have a high sympathy for the needs of others, I like having a meaningful purpose in life. I am romantic and sentimental but often have high standards and expectations of my partner especially concerning fidelity. I dislike any kind of injustice or disagreement and so I am very good at making compromises.

Value in a man

Personal & professional success, healthy lifestyle, intelligence, generosity, passion about life, calmness, sincerity, and honesty

Relationship with parents


True love means to me

A desire to share everything with your partner

Infidelity how I describe

There is no place for it in good relations

Goals in life

Meet a good man

How I describe satisfaction in life

A feeling of personal and professional belonging

How I describe moral principles

I find them necessary to give credence to

How I describe the importance of friends

My friends are the most important people in my life

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust is a calm confidence


I like reading, going to the theatre, meeting my friends. I like arts and creativity.



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