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Perfect man description

I want my man to be gentle, courteous, but at the same time to be courageous and he must show his masculine qualities so that he can always defend his rights and protect his family. Who will become my support in everything, I want us to relax on the beach ???? together, so that he likes to dress stylishly, so that he pleases me with gifts, I love attention to myself, I want him to be smart, to be a good conversationalist, to be modern, to love shopping, to be well brought up.

How I describe myself

I am a vulnerable girl, I believe in Love, I believe that Love is the high vibration frequencies of our energy, a person lives when he loves. I am very offended and hurt my soul when they betray me, when they do not appreciate me. There was a lot of pain in my life, no matter how sad it may sound, I have a lot of life experience, I learned to understand people well. I believe in miracles, I believe in God and the universe, what you give to this world is what you get, the most important thing is to live and enjoy life, I love people, all people, and especially I love children, I respect the elderly very much. I like and want to travel, but unfortunately I can not afford it now, but I believe that soon I will be able to go on some kind of trip. I dream of meeting a real, worthy, good, kind, loving, caring man, with whom I will feel like a beloved woman and enjoy life, give him my love, care and affection. I want my daughter to have a caring and loving dad (she dreams of him and waits for him every day) I want peace and kindness! I see my future in a big beautiful house, shrouded in beautiful nature, I see our good and real family, where everyone loves and supports each other in everything, I want to develop, to learn the language perfectly in the country where it is possible we will live and open our own business, I want to live for the joy of relatives and friends, for the joy of all people!!!

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

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Shopping, traveling, music, walking with my daughter, sewing


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