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I would really like to meet a sincere, kind man who is not capable of betrayal. He has a higher education, is sane, confident in himself and his abilities, a man of his word without pathos and playing for the public. He is confident in his abilities but not too self-confident, a person heading towards his goal or following it. He respects himself and those around him. He treats his parents with sensitivity and respect. He has inner balance and prudent attitude to life and life situations. He is confident in himself and his future, which is supported by work, finances and attitude to life. He pays attention to his health and sports. He confidently drives his car. It is desirable if he lives in his own house and loves nature.

How I describe myself

All my life I lived in my hometown in a complete family with an older brother. I graduated from a higher educational institution with honors, a lawyer by profession. Over time, I received a lawyer's certificate. I love my job, especially helping people. I believe that I made the right choice by choosing jurisprudence. Since I am a purposeful and active woman, I manage to combine my work, raising a child, and my hobbies. I have a good character, restrained, open and have not yet lost the ability to trust people. I am interested in my development, I try to learn foreign languages, I take care of my son. I respect my father very much. I like to dance, listen to loud music when in the mood, but sometimes I like to be in silence.) I have a more positive outlook on life, despite the very difficult period in Ukraine. I believe in sincere feelings and that good will always triumph over evil.

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Reading, cross-stitching, nature walks, cinema, traveling


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