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A real man for me means to be responsible for every act and word. And behind this is already a set of many qualities that a man must cultivate in himself or with the help of his parents, loved ones and experience. A woman can afford to say "in the heat of the moment", she can afford to act impulsively. The man can not! A man must be aware of himself and those around him for every word he says in private or in public, especially if these are loud statements. Be clearly aware of what and to whom he says and what actions he is ready to take after what has been said. Keeping a promise is also an act. And a real man is strong - in spirit and will. He does not lose heart in difficult times, sets high goals and achieves them. And the most important quality in men is loyalty and devotion to their goals, their desires and their feelings. I don't accept cheating in a relationship. In general, I don’t want to invent and describe in detail my ideal man, because this makes no sense: the heart will decide in its own way :)

How I describe myself

And so, from my positive qualities: I know how to love and be faithful to my partner, and create such an atmosphere at home that you would like to return there. And I believe that the compatibility of people is not some kind of fiction. Therefore, if some kind of creative crisis occurs in a relationship, but the couple retains their desire and gives each other sexual pleasure, then all is not lost. For me, mental support, attention and confidence that they believe in me are very important. It is faith and sincere love that can give wings to a woman, and make a tiger out of every man who will fight for family happiness. I am a woman who has her own hobbies and interests. I am fond of figure skating and swimming. I love animals very much and dream about children. It is always a pleasure to spend time with me and communicate, I can listen and give good advice. As Nietzsche said, and I agree with him: "A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short." In general, I am cheerful, with a great sense of humor and still believe in sincere love!

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Swimming, figure skating, traveling, cooking


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