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Perfect man description

My type is a courageous, caring and generous man who has taken place in life as a person to look at and admire him. I want to have 3 in 1: friend - husband - lover. He has charisma, sense of humor, responsibility and stability. He is mentally and physically healthy, loves an active lifestyle!

How I describe myself

I am an honest and good person, full of love for life and positive! My friends say that I am friendly, I know how to listen and forgive, I easily find contact with people. My life has its own smell and taste, it is an unforgettable taste of stability and vanilla aroma of devotion. My passion is fitness and wellness, gastronomy, travelling, learning and discovering new things. For a complete feeling of happiness, only the second half is missing. I am a big romantic, because I go only for feelings. Of course, we live in a world where it is sometimes better and easier to be pragmatic, but my soul is apparently here to live with emotions :) I can’t imagine that I will be with a person simply because it is so profitable and convenient. And of course, I need a part of romance in relationships - I like everything to be beautiful and unusual. I would never sacrifice myself for a relationship. Everything should also be harmonious!

Value in a man

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Walking, cooking, general development, fitness, dancing, yoga


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