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I want to meet a family man who must be self-sufficient and fulfilled in his life. He must have hobbies and a positive outlook on the world. To be able to accept contradictions not from the point of strength, but the desire to find compromises. He must have a sense of humor. It is very important that he sees in a woman not only her appearance, but also appreciate her inner world. So that he is not afraid to laugh at himself, but not to laugh at others in terms of humiliation of a person's dignity. He must be courageous in the need to take responsibility for his life into his own hands, and not look for reasons on the side. For whom the concepts - loyalty, kindness, sincerity, openness - are not just familiar words, but the style of his life.

How I describe myself

I believe that the ideal woman for any man is a desirable woman. And I can be that kind of woman. I am caring, cheerful, kind and economic. I love to cook and can create such an atmosphere at home that a man wants to return there. I am a versatile person with a calm character. In my free time I like to do handmade, take care of plants, I sew a lot. I believe that the guarantee of a happy life is a happy family, and a happy family is trust, respect and care for each other. Distrust destroys love, and confidence in each other, on the contrary, allows it to persist for many years and fill every day with happiness. If life together gives a lot of positive emotions, it means that there will definitely be a place in it for the most vivid sensations. I dream of waking up next to my loved one, doing everything together, being in joy and sorrow, together and forever. It is very important for me that my man treats my children well. I don't mind my partner has children from a previous marriage.

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