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Perfect man description

My Chosen One for me is a support in the physical material world, because I am light and creative. He should not be creative, he relies on logic in his decisions, practical, knows how to organize comfort, responsible, attentive to details, caring. In family relations, it is important for me to trust, respect for the opinion and interests of each other, stability, and mutual support. A reliable family is one where there is respect for the individual, interests and desires of each other. Where there is an open dialogue in which everything can be expressed - and gratitude, and discontent. Where the approach to disagreement is to find a solution by openly expressing your thoughts. Where they kiss each other for the goodnight!

How I describe myself

I am friendly, I love life, I love whenit's warm when it's beautiful, and also the sea, coffee, sweets, I cook delicious cakes, fascinated by Pilates. Two of the most favorite types of recreation: the sea - passive relaxation, and visiting interesting beautiful places, meeting with friends. I also like to dance. I understand humor, I can joke, I love to laugh))) Women's self-realization is very important to me. There is love inside, I feel the need to share it with loved ones. I want to create comfort in relationships, have children. The stamp in the passport is not is the goal. The goal is to create quality family relationships. I have a very strong empathy: good understand people, their feelings, moods, states; I know how to build communication. I have good organizational skills. I have a sense of beauty, hence - good taste, I see the composition, I understand how to make harmoniously. Developed the ability to create - I often come up with something, I can approach questions from a non-standard point of view.

Value in a man

A man's values: his self-realization in a professional sense, the value of money and the ability to handle them, purposefulness, desire to develop in his business, ambition (but without extremes), caring for loved ones, his self-realization as a man in a family, time for a family, a well-established life , high-quality things, physical and emotional comfort, emotional connection with me, health care, inner culture, good taste, respect for one's personal space and respect for others, order, responsibility, rules, clarity, rational planning.

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

I dream of living with my beloved family in a house by the sea with modern eco-friendly technologies, with huge floor-to-ceiling windows and an open terrace where you can have a cup of aromatic coffee in the morning.

How I describe satisfaction in life

How I describe moral principles

How I describe the importance of friends

How I describe what trust to me is


Embroidery, psychology, reading, baking (desserts), pilates. Mobile photo and video filming in the plans.


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