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I like men who are confident in themselves and their capabilities. An optimist with a good taste for life. Someone with whom you always have something to talk about, but often you just do not want to do this, because it is much more pleasant to be hugged in silence and holding hand in hand. A worthy man who knows not only what he wants, but also how to achieve it, the one who knows the value of himself and respectful attitude, for whom meeting from the Internet is not a hobby or entertainment, he is a person who has been instilled with high moral values from childhood, for whom such words as honesty, decency are not words from the past, but the norm of life.

How I describe myself

If you want life to smile at you, give it your good mood. I just live and enjoy life, I love my family, work and friends, I love travel and new experiences. I am fond of yoga and Pilates, and in my free time I like to pamper myself and my family with something tasty. In communication, I prefer sincerity and openness - the shortest path to understanding. It is a great success in life to find such a person who would be pleasant to look at, interesting to listen to, to tell with enthusiasm, to be quiet, to laugh sincerely, to recall rapturously and to look forward to the next meeting.

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