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I’m just a woman who want to find a real man with loving heart and beautiful soul. My biggest desire in life is fell love and give this sense to good man. Also I want build a happy and strong family. I believe that I find what I want and in the future I will be happy.

How I describe myself

If you read these lines it means we are on the half way to our mutual happiness and we must become happy together! I am a slim and very charming young lady with beautiful appearance. In addition to I also have very deep and positive inner world. Someone wrote that he does not change a person, and there are only one thing that can rebuild the system of his thoughts and feelings is love! I really hope that you're not afraid to open your heart for love and passion! Passion does not allow a person to eat, sleep, work, deprive of peace. Many are afraid of her, because she, appearing, crushes and breaks everything old and familiar. I'm not afraid, that's why I'm here. I like to think I`m quick witted, articulate, and intelligent, but that`s mostly for you to decide. I can talk on a variety of different subjects, and enjoy some conversations that are full of interesting topics. I am an ptimistic, free spirited individual, and I'm a little obsessed with a healthy lifestyle. I like a swimming and playing a tennis. Tennis is a very mobile, intense game, it suits my temperament: I like to react quickly to the situation and move, guess the partner's step, fool him :-) Fate is a very convenient word for those people who never want to make decisions! I take fate in my hands, because my happiness is only in my hands. I will never waste my time on unnecessary people and things. Nothing in our life is eternal, we need to enjoy every moment to the maximum.

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