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Perfect man description

My heart is very sensitive and it was broken one time already, but now it is beating very fast and dreams to love again, so I decided to give myself one more chance to be happy! So I am looking here for a man who will be able to conquer me who will give me the feeling like I am on the cloud nice! I want to see near me very honest and loyal man, who has only one woman in his life and who despites betrayal as I do!

How I describe myself

I am kind-heated, cheerful, positive, attractive, honest, responsive, friendly and understanding woman, who has not only beautiful appearance, but also very rich inner world and her own perception of the world! I am extremely communicative and can find common language with anyone, because I am always smiling, calm and self-assured! I have a great family and amazing adult son, they make me to feel myself very happy and give me their support in everything what I want to achieve!

Value in a man

He should be very caring and attentive, be ready to split the difference if there is such need and solve all problems with a help of constructive conversation. And of course I hope that he will be able to surprise me and make romantic actions! I believe in good fairy-tales and I dream to have such one in my life!

Relationship with parents


True love means to me

Tender reolationship

Infidelity how I describe

Difficult to say

Goals in life

Common business with my lifepartner, it is romantic

How I describe satisfaction in life

Difficult to say

How I describe moral principles


How I describe the importance of friends

1 friend may be enough

How I describe what trust to me is

when you can tell everything to a person


cooking, baking



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