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Perfect man description

I believe that my intuition works very well. And I will feel when I meet my second half, my true soul mate. I believe that my man exists and maybe now he is looking for me as well. We will coincide in our views and dreams. We will talk endlessly and will enjoy silence together. Just because we will be together. This thing of togetherness will be our key to happiness. I believe that even in mature age it’s possible to fall in love and this feeling is deep and amazing. I’m looking for my Love, which will make my heart shining.

How I describe myself

If I need to describe myself in one word, I would say I’m a rocket Haha. Well I mean that I’m a very active, full of energy woman. I have so many wishes, intentions to discover new things. This excites me and makes me truly happy. I’m a Lady and all female joys are close to me. And I dream that my future man will accept me with all my energy, all my desire to move and my kind woman’s heart. I believe in love and harmony in relationship and family. I know how much depends on a woman. But also I know that both in a couple should work to make relationship happy. To give and to get Love, care, support, warmth of heart and deep feeling of respect to each other. For me it’s a formula of happy marriage.

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