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Perfect man description

What I like and what I want? Rather difficult question. The most important.. I would like sincerity and honesty in relations.

How I describe myself

I value my life and want to spend it with my beloved man with whom we will be happy and even a little crazy.I think I will be a great wife and wonderful mother

Value in a man

I hope you are the same man with whom I will be happy.I promise we will have splendid communication and may be in future serious relations.looking forward to your reply.

Relationship with parents

very good and warm

True love means to me

I have a personal ambition to live my life honestly and honor the true love that I've had and also the people I've had around me.

Infidelity how I describe

nfidelity is heart wrenching. Being cheated by someone you love can be devastating. However beautiful words can heal, these cheating quotes can help relieve the heartache.

Goals in life

to be loving woman for my man and succesfull in my life

How I describe satisfaction in life

Satisfaction of one's curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life.

How I describe moral principles

Moral principles do not depend on a majority vote. Wrong is wrong, even if everybody is wrong. Right is right, even if nobody is right.

How I describe the importance of friends

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.

How I describe what trust to me is

Consistency is the true foundation of trust. Either keep your promises or do not make them.


I like to sing, studied vocals before, can play the piano. Now I prefer work, not a hobby. In my free time I like to attend karaoke, meet friends and just relax.


I love dancing

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