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Perfect man description

I just want to find my love and to be together with that man. I want him will be strong and with an iron character. I want to see a real gentleman, a kind and caring man next to me.

How I describe myself

I'm a creative and romantic personality. I love life, freedom, and nature. I'm a cheerful, kind, intelligent, and active lady. I love to travel so much and was in many countries but want more.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

My dream is to have a house near the sea, a yacht in order to have fun with friends.

How I describe satisfaction in life

How I describe moral principles

How I describe the importance of friends

How I describe what trust to me is


My hobby is to be easy and happy. I am a very creative person. I love nature and travel.


Gym, fitness.

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