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Application Form for professionals only

Perfect man description

It should be a man who will be polite, intelligent, gentleman, kind, humorous, who loves animals and children, family-oriented, loyal and sincere.

Value in a man

There is no ideal man but I am sure that my heart will help and show me the right way to find my soulmate without any doubts. I am looking for a person who will give me much in my life but in my turn, I will give him much more....

Relationship with parents


True love means to me

Love means saying goodbye to expectations.

Infidelity how I describe


Goals in life

To get married

How I describe satisfaction in life

When every day somebody calls you and ask how you are today

How I describe moral principles

It's a habit that you won't change anyway

How I describe the importance of friends

If it's a good friend or friends, I will always appreciate them

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust is having the confidence and heart in someone that they wouldn't let you down when you needed them.

How I describe myself

Gentle as a rose that grows in the shade on a clear day. Smiling as my mood allows me. Smart and educated, as it should be for every lady. Mischievous, as far as I can afford. Careful and attentive in love, because I'm afraid to be disappointed. Confident and serious, because I know what I want. Loving and sincere, because I am real! I like reading, going to the gym to make my body better and better and religion




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