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I’m looking for true man , who is responsible person and keep his word . I hate liars and unserious men. I don’t have some ideal criteria for my future husband . Love is very cunning and she doesn’t know language barriers , age gaps and religions . ;)

How I describe myself

Look into my eyes and they will tell you more about me than I can . Come to my place and feel whom I am in real . My pros can be the cons for somebody , but my cons can become the favorite features of character for real MY man . I’m hardworking woman , I used to make effort to get something , so I don't search for sponsor , only love and feelings. I’m here , on dating site , to find my husband abroad- so I’m ready to meet you in Rivne , to change country if we fall in love and to learn foreign language to understand you clearly . If you also have serious intentions to marry Ukrainian woman and you feel some sparkle in your heart towards me – write me and LET’S get it START, our OWN LOVE STORY!

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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Travel, Nature, Parks


Fitness, Running

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