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My ideal man is that who is serious. Who knows how to treat a women and who is really ready to change his life in better way. I don't search a man from a magazine. I'm searching a man with nice and honest mind and soul. I hope that you are here.

How I describe myself

I am a cheerful, open and creative person. My life is music. I can't imagine a day without it. My favourite type of music is blues. I can also play the violin. So, when I have guests over, they often ask me to play something and I do it with pleasure. Since I'm a musician, I've traveled a lot, visited all the continents…almost) I am a very active and progressive lady. In addition to music, I like to go skiing or skating in winter and in summer time I like cycling. Also one of my hobbies is swimming, which always keeps me in shape. I am sure that you need to take everything from life and I come to the stage that I want to have a family and make my own ness. Therefore, if you are ready to live in the rhythm of tango, waltz and cha -cha -cha then I would be glad to meet you.

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