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I would like to meet a man who is really interested in creating family. He should be calm, purposeful, kind and hard worker. He is always respectful in front of the lady. I should know that I can trust him.

How I describe myself

I am positive, light and easy-going woman. My life is like a piece of cake and I want to share it with a caring man. My daily routine fills with romantic notes and passionate dreams. Speaking about my character I can say that I'm friendly, kind, generous and honest. I have my own likes and dislikes. I am modest and sometimes shy. I will never let my friends down. As every Ukrainian lady, I love cook. I like read, meet friends and closest. I also like to go to nature, to the river, to the forest. I dream of the comfort of home, family evenings that we will spend with my future husband and friends and close persons. I dream of traveling together, of heartfelt and sincere conversations with my husband. I want love, respect, trust, sincerity and care for each other in my relationship. A harmonious relationship for me is when both partners accept and appreciate each other and help each other get better. Friendship is also important in the family for me. First of all, I am a woman who wants a little family happiness and peace.

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