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I’m looking for man who has similar interests to mine - traveling, music, theatre. The same values in life - love, care and friendship in relations. He may be far from me, has different nationality, and speaks another language – it is not a problem for me. I am ready for such changes in my life. I just want to wake up on mornings with feelings of safety and happiness .To see his loving eyes and know that we both have been waiting for such pleasant moment and now we are together, enjoying it.

How I describe myself

To start with, I am open and reliable person. Success in love and relations comes with taking risk. That is why I am here: I want to try my chance in love :) Now I am always in a move – I work in Poland and Rivne. Travel to the new places I have never been. I am communicative lady with a bright smile :D I think that I am multicultural person – everything new is interesting for me and exciting. Endless correspondence is not for me – it is high time to settle down with my bellowed one :)

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True love means to me

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