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I am impressed by balanced calm men who know their goals and do not scatter words in vain. After all, the word of a man is law. My ideal man is understanding, sensitive and caring. He always tries to be attentive to the needs of the people around him, and of course to the desires of his woman. He is able to surround me with care and make you feel loved. And of course, a great sense of humor is an asset from my point of view :-). I try to lead a healthy lifestyle and would like my man to be on the same wavelength with me

How I describe myself

You can compare me to a breath of fresh air. I can be different. Very passionate, but in a second, I will be overwhelmed by a wave of sentimentality. Enjoy big companies, but I can easily stay at home with my man just to chill out, watch TV or an exciting movie. I love to surround my loved ones with care. By the way, I love homemade food so I love to cook and I can say with confidence that you will like my dishes. I am kind and responsive. Looking for a man with whom I could enjoy every single moment. After all, it is so important to live here and now.

Value in a man

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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I enjoy my life. I like to be active, like swimming or skating. Comprehensive and interesting - this is about me. I enjoy singing, although I sing exclusively for myself and my loved ones. I love to dance. As for me, dancing and singing helps to understand yourself and become happier. I love spending time with my friends. We will always find something to do, for example, rollerblading or playing board games.


rollerblading, skating, swimming, I want to go to boxing, gym

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