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How I describe myself

I am very cheerful, communicative, friendly lady with a positive thinking. I am beautiful inside and out. I am not only lady with a spark in her eyes, a charming smile and a beautiful body.:) I am a lady who can offer you love, respect, loyalty as well affection and passion. I am very curious person and like to find everything that is new and unknown to me. I would like to find something new with my husband. It will be so exciting. I am very optimistic person . May be it is why I usually overcome all difficulties on my way easily. I am sincere person and think that honesty and sincerity are very important between man and a woman. I am true to myself and know that I will be true to my sweetheart. :)))

Value in a man

I dream of my own family. I am searching for man I can create a happy family. My man is confident person who is able to be responsible for himself and his family. He is intelligent, yet attentive, caring and loving. I see a positive person with a good sense of humor by my side. I believe that humor helps in many life’s situations. I admire when man knows what he wants and steady in reaching his purposes. He is not afraid of difficulties. He is sincere and honest person just like me. I would like him to share some of my interests as it is always exciting to do interesting things together. It is important for me that my man has a good heart and who is kind to other people. I welcome you to step into my world and you will not regret a minute.:) I am open to unzip my heart and to share with you my joy.:)))))

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

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Goals in life

How I describe satisfaction in life

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How I describe what trust to me is


I am very energetic person who is fond of life and active life style. :)) That is why I love dancing very much. I enjoy feeling my body moving to the rhythm of music. I used to dance Bachata. I dream to devote more time to dancing in the future and to practice exotic dances. I am also fond of yoga. It helps me to relax after a hard working day and to cope with stress when it takes place sometimes. My friends consider me a communicative person. I love to meet and to talk to the new people. So I try to spend as much time as it possible with my family and with my friends. And I enjoy making new acceptances. My big passion is planting flowers especially orchids. I like to buy new orchids species. I enjoy cooking. I adore creating new and delicious recipes. There are no boundaries to my imagination…:) On weekends I like going to the cinema or do painting. In addition I am interested in learning languages. And I believe that I will be able to learn a couple of new languages in the future. :))


yoga, dances

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