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I'm here because I want to find my happiness - the man in whose eyes I will dissolve and in whose arms I will feel loved, needed and secure. Next to me it is impossible to be sad, because I can always give a smile and please my man, because I know the secrets of pleasure. I am looking for the man who can give me gentle care and love! Who can understand me from the first kiss! Hopefully the man who wants to talk about everything, who seeks what he wants, who is not afraid of anything. This loving and tender man who knows how to treat a woman

How I describe myself

Nice to meet you! I am romantic, kind, gentle, playful blonde! I try to live a healthy life-style and I dream of a nice family. I am wise and attentive, caring, supportive and reliable. I don't mind showing feelings on the first date if there is cupid’s chemistry between us. I am optimistic and positive with a great sense of humor and ability to look for the best in things! I have a wonderful environment of friends and relatives- sincere people are with me. But, I do not have a beloved man! And only the beloved man can give that very support!

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True love means to me

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I like to enjoy life, that's why in my free time I travel, I think it’s a great happiness to get closer to other cultures. I am interested in exploring new places. I spend time with my friends, we roller-skate, walk along the beautiful Odessa embankment and breathe fresh air. In summer, I like to swim in the fresh air and take sun baths ;) I like listening to music, watching interesting films, cooking and being happy every day!


roller skating, walks

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