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Perfect man description

What I'm looking for here? It's easy to answer. I need a real man, that knows how to respect and appreciate a woman. I want to meet someone special, who isn't afraid to show tenderness, affection and can see a lady in me. Destiny knows the right people for us, but I don't want to wait... We can spend all life waiting for, but it's more productive to do steps for a bright future.

How I describe myself

Every person deserves happiness; I sincerely believe in it and want to find that man who wants to become happy close with me. I love traveling and exploring new cultures, as well as meeting interesting people. I'm a gentle, sincere, loving, decent lady, a bit extreme (I jumped with a parachute), and like to care for the people dearest to me. It is a great pleasure to bring smiles to people's faces, and I want to give you my smile

Value in a man

Kindness, inner core, and the ability to be supportive with a woman add courage to a man.vcxz

Relationship with parents

When I became a mom, I realized how responsible it is to be a parent and how much mom and dad put into my upbringing efforts and time.

True love means to me

I dream of a love that will turn my head. I think when we truly fall in love, we can move mountains for the sake of a chosen one.

Infidelity how I describe

I don't forgive infidelity. If my partner is unfaithful, our relationship will be over.

Goals in life

Except of searching for my soul mate, I plan to open a gift service with floral decoration. Floristry is my hobby and I plan to make it a business. I'm a certified florist and enjoy decorating a lot.

How I describe satisfaction in life

The satisfaction is spending time with my beloved man, going to a romantic place together, and doing something that I have never done before.

How I describe moral principles

I believe that entering into a relationship with a person, we should understand the full responsibility of our obligations to a partner, respect the interests, desires, past of our chosen one and be ready to develop and overcome life difficulties together.

How I describe the importance of friends

I love spending time with friends. We often get together in a cafe or at someone's house to chat and have dinner.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust is the foundation of a relationship. After betrayal in one relationship, we close and hardly open for a new relationship, thereby depriving ourselves of the opportunity to enjoy love.



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