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Perfect man description

I hope to meet a decent, well-mannered man, as I grew up in an intelligent family and my parents devoted a lot of time to my upbringing. Therefore, I want to see a man next to me who knows how to behave among people. I hope that we can easily find a common language and have pleasant conversations in the evenings, dream, analyze, exchange ideas, thoughts, and plans regarding us and our family as a whole.

How I describe myself

I love music very much and if I have a reason to relax I prefer to listen to instrumental music. I know the psychology of children well since I worked as a teacher in elementary school. By nature, I'm a gentle, kind, sympathetic, attentive lady, but quite demanding and responsible. I love to take care of loved ones, pamper them with my attention, surprises and I'd like to spoil my future husband a little with my feminine beauty and charisma.

Value in a man

Decency, caring, and kindness are those qualities that my ideal man should have. And, of course, a good sense of humor is also valuable.

Relationship with parents

My parents are important people to me.

True love means to me

Experiencing chemistry with a man, feeling the joy of life, showing respect, and having fun in a relationship is what true love means.

Infidelity how I describe

I hope that such a thing as infidelity will bypass our relationship. I will do my best to protect our relationship from infidelity.

Goals in life

My goal, of course, is love. I want to fall in love and experience this wonderful feeling. In a state of love, the world seems much brighter.

How I describe satisfaction in life

When a beloved man gives me flowers, I am in a state of satisfaction. I love getting attention from my lover. I get satisfied by moments spent with a loved one, his kisses, hugs, and gentle touches. Anything related to love can be called satisfaction.

How I describe moral principles

Respect for each other is the main criterion for a happy relationship.

How I describe the importance of friends

I love spending time with friends and appreciate the friendship that lasts for many years, but family always comes first for me.

How I describe what trust to me is

I trust my partner as myself, and I hope that this is mutual. Indeed, without trust, it is difficult to open up and plan something joint for the future.



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