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I am looking for a wonderful responsible man, whose goal is to love, enjoy life, be realized in the family. Who is optimistic and kind. He should be loving, strong, a man of his word, responsible, purposeful, smart, influential, worthy. I dream to build a great family in the future where there is love and respect, passion and common interests between us. It doesn`t matter where you are from.

How I describe myself

I am a beautiful, graceful, healthy, tender, fragile Ukrainian woman. I understand how difficult it is to work hard, to be responsible, to be strong. And at the same time, we all know how life is transformed when there is joy, beauty and a loving person nearby. There is war in my country, but beauty and love is in my heart. I think for finding a true real love you need to do be active and do some effort. Love and courage. It's all I need.

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