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Perfect man description

I do not mind my future partner to have kids. I would like to be with a man who is kind, healthy, successful, and family-oriented.

How I describe myself

I have a kind and cheerful nature. I can be emotional at times. In relationships, most of all, I prioritize an ability to agree. I believe that true love comes from understanding and accepting your partner. My life priorities include health, happy family, communication with dear people, financial stability, self-actualization, and art. I dream of being a wife and a mother.

Value in a man

kindness, success, dependability, cheerful nature

Relationship with parents

very friendly

True love means to me

to accept and understand your partner

Infidelity how I describe

loss of interest to your partner

Goals in life

health, great family, kids, and material goods

How I describe satisfaction in life

I am already happy because I am young :)

How I describe moral principles

internal beliefs

How I describe the importance of friends

I love my friends and I keep making new connections and meeting more amazing people

How I describe what trust to me is

to be confident and free from disturbing thoughts


I like dancing. I practice fitness on a regular basis. Also, I enjoy reading and I devote some time to it every day. I like cooking as well. I am a communicative person and I have many friends. I love art and beauty.


dancing, fitness classes

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