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Perfect man description

Of course, I would like our values ​​to coincide with my man, but if he has a different opinion on something, it is his right. The main thing is that it is not something forbidden or immoral. I want you to cherish the lives of loved ones, children, it is important in life. I would like to see next to me a gentleman, a romantic, a faithful, leader, a defender, stable and balanced, prudent. It would be nice and interesting for me if you love your job, and can do it with enthusiasm, involved in something either sports or games, psychology or science .. The main thing is to like it.

How I describe myself

I am an introvert (I make close friends, I listen carefully, I express my thoughts better in writing, I discuss and recharge in my inner world). I am phlegmatic by nature, partly melancholic.

Value in a man

I can say with confidence that I dream of meeting a calm, cheerful guy, intellectual, mature person who is active in lifestyle, has high social interests, dreams, plans, is not afraid of failures or possible difficulties, is able to show responsibility and care, is interested in communication, socially oriented.

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

Respect, tenderness, kindness, understanding, balance, support, help, passion, happiness, loving eyes. Love are butterflies in the stomach when you look forward to meeting. when you want to help, love is when you are next to him like behind a stone wall. when you can be a weak gentle woman with a caring man.

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

Find your soul mate, change the sphere of activity, get a second higher education, go to courses and get a lawyer's certificate. Travelling. And some more things and trifle..

How I describe satisfaction in life

To love and be beloved) When you are loved you blossom like a peony, you become happy. I want a man next to me with whom I will be secured like behind a stone wall.

How I describe moral principles

Decency, sense of duty, justice, diligence, humanism, patriotism, kindness, dignity, love, respect, kindness and more.

How I describe the importance of friends

I really appreciate true friendship. I don't have many real friends but they are very important to me.

How I describe what trust to me is

Trust is when you have someone to talk to about it, someone to go to, someone to help being hurt or scared, having problems. Trust is formed in the process of communication, it is very important to me because without trust there will be no honest happy relationship and family. Trust is when you don't like something and you calmly say and discuss it with your partner in order to solve this problem together and change for the better.


Great food, good music or movies make me happy. Good deeds and good people. It gives me pleasure to read books, learn something new or visit new places. I like to travel. I am a fan of antiquity. Antiquities, antiques, etc. And classical way of relationships. I also really like creativity and photography, it makes me happy.


I attended dance and yoga, went to the gym and fitness.

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