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Perfect man description

I am quite a sapiosexual, so intellect, education, kindness, humor, character and honesty. I am vegetarian, but that's a choice so I'm not looking for it specifically, but it would be important for me that my partner cares about health including everyday lifestyle, but not too obsessed so we could have an occasional beer and chips watching a movie. It would be great to meet someone who enjoys the sport so we could make a beach volley team and likes to have guests around and visit friends. Someone who likes slow traveling, walking, and sightseeing instead of all-inclusive hotels. Who can stand dad-jokes (sorry, guilty) and stay playful, silly and have fun. Someone who takes charge cares about the family, society, and the planet, and can see stuff further than their nose. Someone I can talk to about the global issues and candles from IKEA, have a Friday evening in and Sunday walks in a park, build future together and live every day

How I describe myself

I am fun and easy going, empathic, pretty optimistic and like to think I'm also intelligent and ambitious. I'm open-minded, confident and hands on. That allows me to trust and respect the people I love

Value in a man

Honesty, responsibility, self-care, and consciousness, trust, bravery

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

Teamwork, care, happiness. Bringing something good to this world as a couple and standing for the same values.

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

Smaller goals - get the driving license, move to Cyprus and prove myself I can be a valuable professional not only in Ukraine but also in the EU Bigger goals - make sure there's progress towards my ultimate goal - share happiness, knowledge, and wisdom (sounds a bit dramatic, but...)

How I describe satisfaction in life

Small things and people around me make me happy, when I'm eating out with people I love, when the weather is nice and I can walk or go to the beach, practicing yoga and meditating, cooking something nice and healthy. I am happy in general, but I realize it when I catch myself smiling without any big reasons for that

How I describe moral principles

How I describe the importance of friends

I have several close friends I can always rely on and am always ready to help. I guess I was lucky to meet people who both get me, care for me and we have fun together. All relationships, no matter friendship or romantic relations are about mutual care, effort, and pleasure

How I describe what trust to me is

A resource that allows people to show themselves. I don't really believe actions ultimately define the person, intentions do too. I think we are all learning and practicing in life and it's impossible without mistakes so it's important to learn the lessons. I have plenty of trust to share and from the experience, I give second chances easily as long as I believe in different outcomes and good intentions.


I really enjoy... Hiking to the mountains, forest, picnics, Humor, Chatting with friends, Going to restaurants, Going for walks in the forest or park, Jazz, International tourism, Gym, Gardening, indoor plants, Philosophy, esotericism, psychology, Healthy lifestyle.


Yoga - around 3 times a week, I want to get back to beach volley or start boating. I like team sports

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