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Perfect man description

Wise, strong character, ability to make decisions and implement them into life, gentle, dedicated, caring, patient, humorous.

How I describe myself

Dedicated, fair, kind, independent, vulnerable, gentle, weak & strong at once, sense of humour, an adequate. I am a good friend and strong, rear for people I love.

Value in a man

Wisdom, matureness, care, good sense of humor, passion, strenght, healthy lifestyle, understanding

Relationship with parents

I visit my parents regularly

True love means to me

Comfort in day-to-day life, trustiness, respect. An ability to be rear to each other in all areas: physically, emotionally, financially. Patience and an ability to forgive. Love and good sex as the basic platform :)

Infidelity how I describe

loss of passion

Goals in life

meet my partner and make a family together

How I describe satisfaction in life

happiness in personal life + financial stability + dreams that makes you move forward + health

How I describe moral principles

Each person has the right to choose what is moral for him/her until it harms someone else.

How I describe the importance of friends

With my good friends we are togather for a long time :)

How I describe what trust to me is

I need to trust a person before he/she can become my friend or partner


Reading, painting, writing. Sometimes I like to meet with my friends, sometime I need just to be in silence with an interesting book and some chocolate.


I prefer to just be active in my everyday life. Walks and others everyday activities.

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