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Being a loving mother, a good housewife and just a professional economist is not an easy thing. Sometimes, "my battery runs out" and just want heat, peace and love. I again want to find family happiness, feel like a loving woman and a caring wife. I think my man must be a big support in life, interesting, intelligent and could make me laugh. After all, for any woman is important to love and be loved and of course "good weather" at home)

Value in a man

Strength, loyalty, honesty

Relationship with parents

True love means to me

Infidelity how I describe

Goals in life

How I describe satisfaction in life

How I describe moral principles

How I describe the importance of friends

How I describe what trust to me is

How I describe myself

At first glance, maybe you will see a gentle and fragile lady in me, but it's only at first glance :) In fact, I can be different, depending on the situation and my mood. I can be an interesting interlocutor, and a gentle and caring wife, and a strict boss at work))) Due to this, I consider myself a successful woman, a loving and best mother for my children. I was always lucky or with good people, or with my own wisdom and optimism. You know, I can forgive anything, because I have often convinced that a person is often hostage to the situation. Yes, there are things that are incredibly irritating to me: something low-pitched, lies and hypocrisy, and even falsehood in people. When they have a double bottom. I believe that all this should not be in a relationship, only love, trust, understanding and honesty.


From my childhood I was a very mobile girl who is interested in everything. I was a "girl in pants". The best gift for me was a ball, not a doll. In short, anything that has to do with sports. In sports, I dissolve, I enjoy how my body sweats from physical activity. To date, I spend a lot of time to kickboxing. Why this sport? Because it not only keeps me in good shape, but also gives me the opportunity to protect myself and people close to me. Although I never used my kickboxing skills in my life:))) But my interests do not end there. I'm terribly fond of cooking))) I "God" in the kitchen) My friends often come to me to taste my culinary masterpieces. Most of all I like to cook cakes, buns and chocolate-cherry pie. In the summer I often go to nature with my children and friends, fresh air, juicy barbecue and volleyball. What else is needed for happiness?))